Kim Bannworth(non-registered)
Amazing customer service. Concerns were quickly taken care of, love our pictures of Newark Varsity Softball
Tracie Copeland(non-registered)
I love your photos. My son plays football for Lakewood and my daughter is a cheerleader, and runs track. I love what you have done with the team pictures this year. I have also purchased several photos of my children off your web site. You do a wonderful job. I plan on calling you next year and the year after to do my kids senior pictures..I really enjoy all your pictures...
Brian Benson
Absolutely fantastic customer service. My questions were answered quickly, politely, and with great care and detail. I felt like my needs as the customer were taken very serious, and what I asked for, I got in practically no time at all. Thanks again for great service and for taking beautiful pictures, I'll be placing another order soon!!!!!
Debbie moore
I love these pictures. I am getting ready to do another big order just because they are so wonderful and they are of the most important little guy in my life. I wish you could do basketball also. I may check on permission to hire you for some pics. Keep doing what you do. You are the best! Debbie moore
Todd Ridella(non-registered)
Yesterday's post, for one reason or another, was a little jumbled. So to clarify... There are some unbelievable pictures in here - you have an eye that really captures the moments. My nephew, Carson, plays on the North Newark Little League All-Stars -Blue team or as we liked to call them - THE 7's. The pictures you took during their game with Lakewood blue are unreal. The series of shots of the catch in center field and the backhand play at shortstop are insane. Then their is Carson playing his own style of third base. Thanks for stilling these memories in time.
Todd Ridella(non-registered)
There some unbelievable pictures here - you have an that captures the moment. My nephew, Carsom, plays for the 7U North Newark Little All Stars or as we liked to call the 7's and the pictures you took of their game againjst Lakewood Blue are umreal. The series of shots with the catch in centerfield and the backhand at shortstop are insane. Then of course there is Carson and his own style of play at third. Thanks for capturing some priceless moments.
Lee VanHorn(non-registered)
Would like to view pictures of Tasha Erlenbach, Brennigan Patterson, and Parker Patterson. They are my grandchildren. Tried to get in but need a password. Love these pics. Would like to order more pics. My ex-husband and the kids grandpa would also like to order some pics.( Mike McIntire) Other family members will probably order also. My H-740-588-1682 C-740-704-4528 Thanks so much!!!!!!!
Kat Finan(non-registered)
Teres, thank you SO MUCH for Tuesday... I have never had so much fun in my entire life, and I couldn't be happier about the outcomes...
I can't decide on a favorite... But I just wanted to say that you did an amazing job, and if I HAD to choose a favorite, it would be the one of me on the wooden bridge at the Hatchery, in what looks like black and white, with my finger on the tip of my hat...
Thank you again, Girl...
BTW: I'm coming down soon to see if I made it in the front window!!!! :D
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